Bad Boys (1995)
Bad Boys (1995)

‘Bad Boys’ – A endeavor entertainment With a decorous violence. The movie ‘Bad Boys’ gives us a Miami filled with midnight glamour, shot with the flair of a fashion photographer – backlit monochrome tilt shots and all. It has ruthless editing, smooth action sequences, and blows up stuff real good with a combination of expensive action, rude attitude, sassy humor, trendy locations, fast cars, heavy soundtrack and decorous violence. The stars of the ‘Bad Boys’ movie Martin Lawrence and Will Smith both comic actors, talented, allowed talking way too much in the development of this film, a genuine chemistry that is very fun to watch.

A 30-year-old director Michael Bay’s first feature is the “Bad Boys”. ‘Bad Boys’ is a loud, fast, action movie mixed with comedy, a story of a mismatched cop-buddy – Martin Lawrence as Mike Lowrey and Will Smith as Marcus Burnett. Mike Lowrey is the loyal family man and his partner, Marcus Burnett the handsome lady-killer.

A dazzlingly efficient crook (Tcheky Karyo) engineers the theft of $100 million in heroin from the evidence locker at police headquarters. Lawrence and Smith are assigned to the case within 72 hours to solve the case before the feds step in. The criminal mastermind who took the heroin begin killing people to cover their tracks, but an eyewitness (Leoni) escapes. She has witnessed her best friend, who is also one of Lowery’s ex-girlfriends and will only deal with him, fearing for her safety. Simultaneously, Mike had to move in with Marcus’ family and a few terrific comedy from Marcus’ suspicions that his handsome buddy might be making a moves on his wife (Theresa Randle).

Eventually, Julie, Mike and Marcus end up facing the criminal mastermind and the genre shows few signs of wearing itself out.

‘Bad Boys’ would have been better if it had been sleeker and shorter because is just over two hours. Nevertheless, this film isn’t aiming for high-toned drama, just high-energy action, which is what it delivers.

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  • Director: Michael Bay
  • Written By: George Gallo (story), Michael Barrie (screenplay)
  • Starring: Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Lisa Boyle
  • Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime, Thriller
  • Country: United State
  • Language: English
  • In Theaters: 7 April 1995 (USA)
  • Runtime: 119 min


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