Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt makes million dollar Avengers: Infinity War

Who doesn’t love Chris Pratt? The mighty Star-Lord of The Galaxy of The Guardians is my personal favorite. He is one in a million....

Vin Diesel get paid million dollars for Avengers: Infinity War’s Groot voice

Avengers Infinity War is a star-studded film. This movie is knocking at the door. The craziest fact is more than 60 characters will show...
Scarlett Johansson

The Fascinating Scarlett Johansson get paid million dollar for Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War a star-studded film which is the new hype of the city. Any Marvel lover knows how fascinating Scarlett Johansson is when...
Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo get paid millions dollar for Avengers: Infinity war

Who doesn’t love Mark Ruffalo? and How much did Mark Ruffalo get paid for Avengers: Infinity war? The mighty Hulk is my personal favorite. He...
Dwayne Johnson

RAMPAGE Movie, Dwayne Johnson and his million-dollar remuneration

Rampage a billion-dollar film, Producers has unveiled a new international trailer for this Monster film blockbuster. Announced in October 2017 Dwayne Johnson is playing...

The fascinating  magic  of CANNES’71st

The CANNES Film Festival is a glorious platform for the amazing talents of film arena. Every year the city of Cannes dolled up in...
Deadpool 2

The eye-popping budget of “DeadPool 2”

“DeadPool” the movies name flashes its eye-popping success story. This movie stunned the audience by its amazing storyline and action scenes. “DeadPool” was not...

“Rampage” a conception with Huge budget.

No offense Rampage will be a top rated film, Producers has flashed an international teaser for this blockbuster. So many top rated leading role...
Richest Super Heroes

Who is the Richest superhero of all time

When it is about superheroes, first thing comes to our mind is Marvel and DC universe. Marvel and DC both are superhero comic book...
Adam Sandler

Now Adam Sandler’s salary is $20 million per movie

The actor from Saturday Night Live, Adam Sandler’s salary per movie is $20 million now. The comedian and actor with great timing, Adam Sandler’s...

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