The fascinating  magic  of CANNES’71st


The CANNES Film Festival is a glorious platform for the amazing talents of film arena. Every year the city of Cannes dolled up in a festive look to welcome the extremely talented film actors, critics, directors and each and every talent of the film world to tribute them with the variety of honorable awards. 

Celebrities in Cannes Film Festival

This year the CANNES is going to start on 8th May and as always it is going to fascinate the whole world. This festival generally takes place in the month of May and as the time is coming near the film world is starting to prepare for the breathtaking festival.

Cannes Film Festival

CANNES is the world’s one of the most influential film festival. 

 You can also say it brings a special kind of texture as well as flavor in the colorful and dreamy kingdom of films. CANNES invites numerous talented celebrities as well as filmmakers throughout the world. This is the best specialty of CANNES that this super amazing platform never discriminates against any celebrities as each and every film artist gets the amazing platform to prove them based on their worthy works.

This year the city of CANNES is going to start the festival on a Tuesday night with a bang of weekday gala dinner. Well, this is a new addition to the mesmerizing organization of CANNES. It is a fortnight festival which takes place in the hub of the festival known as “the Palais des festival”. This amazing “Palais” is just a few feet’s away from the mesmerizing port. This festival has an unwavering method and this method helps the festival to fly high so successful.

The jury board

Each year the festival committee announces the jury boards name. The committee chooses a very talented as well as versatile person to be the president of the jury. The presidents with no surprise perfectly choose the best talent to be awarded. This year the president of jury board in none other than the amazingly talented with extremely powerful acting ability – Cate Blanchett. This OSCAR winner actress is blessed with the talent of capturing the perfect acting as an art towards us. We have seen her outrageous acting in films like “Babel”, “ The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. Her Oscar-winning film –“ Elizabeth: the golden age and blue jasmine” had stunned the movie lovers. Hope this Australian beauty will give us the deserved winners.


The most prestigious award in the CANNES is the mesmerizing “Palme d’Or” –“the Golden Palm”. This is the long cherished desire of every film artist to get this amazing honor once in a lifetime. CANNES gives awards for best actor, best actress, best director, best screenplay as well as best short film. The most attractive one is the “Grand Prix” – the grand prize of the festival.

There are also other branches of CANNES. This festival never forgets to reward the young innovative talents. The offsprings of the film arena are always pampered by CANNES. As a result, there is always a platform for the best young actors, young as well as audacious work, best feature film even student films.

The spectacular red carpet

CANNES red carpet can be called as a living dream. Every year, the stars awestruck us with their unforgettable dressing sense alongside with the tincture of their amazing persona. It can’t be compared with anything of the world as it is nothing but a mesmerizing fair of our favorite stars throughout the world. One after one arrives and spellbound us with their magic on the red carpet.

The red carpet is extremely important. The designers work hard day and night to make the stars looks perfectly flawless on the red carpet day. We can see stars like Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet, Huge Jackman and many more. The Asian beauty Sonam Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai always mesmerizes the world with their Indian trends.

The probable film list

In 2018 some incredible films are going to be awarded most probably. As  CANNES always surprises the world by keeping suspense until the award day.

The most probable bucket list may be:” the wild pear tree”.

It is a Turkish film by Nuri Bilge Ceylon. Loro, Peterloo, everybody knows, the death and life of John F Donovan, Ash is Purest White, Sunset, The Favourite, Donbass, Where life is born, The sisters brothers, Visions,  Shoplifters – these are some amazing movies which will hopefully fight against each other to grab the Golden Palm for the best movie.

Jia Zhangke, Xavier Dolan, China’s Jia Zhangke, Hungary’s László Nemes,  Greece’s Yorgos Lanthimos, Ukraine’s Sergei Loznitsa,  Mexico’s Carlos Reygadas, France’s Jacques Audiard, Japan’s Naomi Kawase and  Japanese, Hirokazu Kore-media are some amazingly talented directors who are going to attend the CANNES 2018. The city ornaments with the talent of the amazing stars during the film festival. It is a platform for every talented film lover who has indulged themselves for the love of the movie and chose the movie arena as a path of career.

There is always some criticism in media why Sonam Kapoor, as well as Mallika Sherawat, has been invited to the festival as their work has not been that much worthy to mesmerize the world. The fact is they have their own kind of talent and CANNES have always understood the fact whom to choose and whom to praise. Every artist has some amazing talent. There are some artists who attend the festival to represent the country too.

Cannes is going to take place in the month of May. The whole world is waiting for the amazingly fascinating spellcasting glow of this festival. Starting from he amazingly amazing gala night on the hot red carpet, each and every beautiful star will mesmerize the world with their beauty. This festival is going to gift us bunch of perfectly deserved movies.

Cannes is brand, a platform, a totally different fascinating realm, let’s hope to see the amazing blast of this year. The whole film world is crossing their fingers to get the amazing awards and so do we fan too. Let’s hope for the best!