Dwayne Johnson Net Worth Height, Age, Real Name, Family, Bio


A macho man with good looks and amazing personality, Dwayne Johnson net worth as of 2018 is $220 million. Known as ‘The Rock’ among his fans, Dwayne has earned fame in both his acting and wrestling career.


WWE and early wrestling career

Formerly, Johnson was a football player in the University of Miami College. However, after an injury, he started professional wrestling which was also his family business. The Rock won multiple World Heavyweight, Intercontinental and World Tag Team Championships. From 2001 onward, Dwayne Johnson net worth rose higher for maintaining both wrestling and acting career.

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What is it like to live like Johnson?

All the glamour and glory comes with a price. Johnson follows a very strict routine to maintain his physique and stunning looks. Early morning cardio, well-planned protein rich seven meals, and role-oriented workout are part of his daily routine.

Personal details and family

Father of three beautiful daughters, Johnson surely knows how to balance his personal and professional life. Dwayne and his partner Lauren emphasis on their family privacy and try to keep the kids out of the spotlight.

Movie and TV earnings

Ever wondered why the producers are willing to pay for multiple zeroes in Dwayne Johnson’s salary? That’s because the Scorpion King ensures that tickets are sold at light’s speed. For Hercules (2014) and San Andreas (2015), his paychecks were $20 and $25 million respectively. For his starring role in Emmy nominated HBO series ‘Ballers’, Dwayne Johnson’s salary is $650,000 per episode.

What is the Rock cooking now?

With seven zeroes in his paycheck every movie, Dwayne the Rock Johnson’s net worth is not slowing down anytime soon. Some of his hyped movies for the upcoming years are San Andreas 2, Jungle Cruise, Suicide Squad 2 and many more.

The Rock and his charismatic smile

“Success isn’t about greatness, it’s about consistency.”- Dwayne Johnson

This man won everyone’s heart with his charismatic smile, hard work, and positive energy. Dwayne is definitely an idol for fitness freaks, a heartthrob for female fans and an inspiration to his co-workers.


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