Emma Watson’s Biography

Those cinematographers who have seen the world’s most popular Harry Potter series surely did not forget Hermione Granger. Her real name is Emma Charlotte Dwyer Watson, who is known as Emma Watson.

Emma Watson lifestyle – She born on 15 April 1990. She is a British actress and model. Watson made her debut in the role of Hermione Granger at the age of nine years. Before that, she played on the stage play of the school. The British actress was born in Paris in France.

Emma Watson
Emma Watson

Early life

Her father’s name is Jacqueline Lusby and mother’s name, Chris Watson. They both are British lawyers. Emma Watson has a French grandmother who was in Paris until she was 5 years old. Emma Watson’s ancestors are British and Turkish. When Emma Watson was five years old, her parents’ divorce took place. She has a younger brother named Alexander. Later, on the divorce of Emma Watson’s parents, her mother and younger brother were transferred to Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom. In the first career, she learned to dance, music and acting at the Stagecoach Theater Arts School.

English and art is her favorite subject, and she dislikes mathematics and geography. At the age of 17, her income was 4 million dollars. She earned English Bachelor Degree from the Brown University of America.

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Career and Achievement

From 2001 to 2009, Watson plays in six Harry Potter films. She also received more than 10 million pounds in the film. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, released in 2001, was Emma Watson’s first adapted film. The film was a great success on the first day of its release and it became the most successful film of 2001. Critics praise the film’s three major actors-actresses. They also praised the performance of Emma Watson. The Daily Telegraph described her performance as commendable and IGN noted that her performance was the most striking.

After One year, Watson again starred in “Harry Potter” and “the Chamber of Secrets”. This is the second film in the Harry Potter series. Though Chanchaete received mixed reactions, critics praised the performance of the main actor-actress. The Los Angeles Times talked about Watson and her colleagues, which they found to be more mature than before.

Emma Watson acted movie “Harry Potter” and “the Prisoner of Azkaban” was published in 2004. Emma Watson was praised for acting in this film and it is said that her character is charming. Critics praised the performance of Redcliff’s performance as well as Watson’s performance.

Both Emma Watson and the Harry Potter series both achieved a new milestone after 2005 when Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire were published. The film breaks the record in the first week of release. Critics praised Watson and her co-stars for their continued maturity. The New York Times called Watson a “very sincere” person. Watson was nominated for three awards for her performance in the film and earned the Bronze Auto Award. Watson later appeared on the cover of Teen Pussy Magazine as the youngest person. In 2006, Watson played the role of Hermione in a small version of Harry Potter, arranged on Queen Elizabeth II’s 80th birthday in Buckingham Palace.

The Order of the Phoenix and the great movie Harry Potter, the fifth film in the Harry Potter series, had been released in 2007. The film has achieved tremendous business success. The film earns $ 332.7 million worldwide during the first week of release. Emma Watson won the National Movie Award as the best female actress for the movie “Harry Potter”. She modeled for the first time in 2009. In 2007, Watson announced the involvement of her with other two films along with Harry Potter.

One is based on the novel of child-novelist Streetfield rug named Ballet Suze, and another one is an animated film named The Tale of Despair. Ballot Suze was broadcast on television in December 2007, which achieved around 5.2 million viewers. An animated film named The Tale of Despereaux is based on the novel of the same name by American novelist Kate Dickamillore. It was published in 2008 and earns more than $ 70 million worldwide.


Personal life

In July 2014, Emma Watson was appointed UN ambassador to the United Nations. she started extensive publicity in order to eliminate gender discrimination. HeForShe is her worldwide campaign. She had to endure a lot of trouble to get the role of ‘Hermione Granger’ in the movie “Harry Potter”. SHE has to join audition for this role for eight times. Although Harry Potter Book’s author J. W. Rowling preferred her for the first time after the screen test.Emma Watson loves to read books.

She said about the book, ‘I know it sounds a bit weird. But it is true that I love to study, my retiring companion book. The book has its own power, which takes us to a whole other world.’ She started a club named Feminist Book Club.

She also feels comfortable talking to other book lovers about the book.She has read all the books in the Harry Potter series. But the book no 3 of the series, ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’ is her favorite. When the famous Teen Nutrition magazine featured Emma Watson, she was only fifteen years old. Earlier this magazine did not feature anyone at such a young age.Not only for acting, she is also well-known for her fashions. She is always fit and willing to wear royalty clothing to pair her match. That’s why Barberi’s big fashion houses also look forward to making her their brand ambassador.

Emma Watson is also known for her periodicity, but she could not join the Vanity Fair Oscar party in 2014 for not being able to wake up. Writing is her addiction, she said that “I try to write something before going to bed every night.”


The popular actress and extraordinary persona Amma Watson organized herself ahead with the unknown aspects. Though she started acting from a very young age, she was also regularly educated. SHe earned multiple awards and has earned the pride of being the most appealing girl leaving behind all the stars.