Game of Thrones episode
Game of Thrones episodes

game of thrones episode been Leaked

HBO Spain accidentally aired Game of Thrones episode titled “Death Is The Enemy”. Apparently, 6 of ‘Game of Thrones episode’ got aired early by HBO Spain. This adds to a headache suffered by HBO following the recent cyber hack, which saw thousands of internal documents including company employee details and Game of Thrones scripts stolen. An HBO representative said that they have no knowledge of the leak.

In a devastating blunder Game of Thrones season, 7 episode 6 accidentally broadcast four days early. Screenshot from the episode was posted on Reddit via YouTube, Instagram, Twitch and other streaming services, before rapidly being taken down.

Game of Thrones has had a rough season with spoilers and hack though. It hasn’t harmed ratings besides HBO’s Nordic arm accidentally uploaded season 7 episode 6 a few hours before official broadcast. This error is particularly shocking however given the importance of the episode.

The season 7 has two remaining episodes and according to reports. The running time of episode 7 is expected to be about 81 minutes, its longest episode yet.

Now enjoy the Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 6 Preview


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