After the box office records of doing business for more than $800 million for the first two movies, Hotel Transylvania is back with a third part of the original movie. Hotel Transylvania 3 is likely to be released on 13th July 2018. The rumors are that Hotel Transylvania 3 cost to make is much more than the $80 and $85 million production budget for the first two movies of the trilogy.

Hotel Transylvania 3 Summer VacationA memorable summer vacation

The plot from the first two movies Hotel Transylvania 1 and 2 continues and this year Dracula and family are all set for a summer vacation in their favorite monster cruise ship. The twist includes how this lovely vacation is ruined through the incoming of the monster family’s old nemesis. The character Ericka comes has something hidden in her mind and the movie will unveil what the secret is.

Thoughts on the trailer

Sony Picture Animation has something for everyone in this movie which can clearly be understood from the trailer. The movie is not just going to be for the kids rather it’s going to have elements for both young and old. The trailer shows how thrilled and happy the monster families are about their dream vacation. The most interesting factor here is that Dracula might fall in love with the mysterious character Ericka.

The actors’ salary

Adam Sandler is giving a voice over for Dracula this time as well. But this year, he will be getting a fat paycheck of $10 million for the movie! We will let that sink in for a while now. The other actors include Selena Gomez as Mavis and Andy Samberg as Johny. The net worth of both of these actors is more than $16 million. Hence you can easily guess that Hotel Transylvania 3 actors’ salary is in millions.

The mix of old and new cast

The movie comes with some old and new faces. The new casts mean there are new characters with a different background story. You will find Kathryn Hahn as Ericka, Molly Shannon as Wanda and few more new interesting characters.  The writers tried to experiment with the character’s dynamics with the inclusion of some surprising storylines. Well, only time will tell what the twists are but we sure are happy with this new mix of cast and crew.

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What to expect from the movie?

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation cost to make is higher than the first two movies and so are the expectations of its fans. The makers promised that this time it’s not going to be just limited to a kid’s fiction. You will see comedy, adventure, drama and even a bit of thriller this time. One of the characters holds a dangerous secret that could lead to the destruction of the monster race. Will this be the last summer vacation for Dracula and the monster families? We can’t wait to find out!