Incredibles 2 release is near and we are just as excited as you are. The movie is coming back after long 14 years and you can easily estimate that Incredibles 2 cost to make is just as high as the hype of the movie. When it comes to animated movies, the budget is mostly on the higher end. This time, Pixar and Disney left no stones unturned to make the movie a successful hit. We sure hope we have some great surprises upcoming in the movie.

Incredibles 2
The Incredibles 2 team

Why the long wait? 

The ending of Incredibles 1 clearly showed that there is room for the sequel. It’s justified to come up with a sequel at least within a span of few years only. Well, the sequel took 14 years long and it’s totally worth the wait! The makers had two storylines in mind about the sequel but couldn’t come up with a compelling one better than the first movie. The story writers had a deadline but they did not want to compromise with the quality due to time constraints. Hence, the waiting made the Incredible 2 cost to make even higher.

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Is this Incredible too? 

Since the first movie made a business of smashing $633 million, the next one had to be out of the world. Well, our little birds say that the hype about the upcoming sequel is absolutely true! The movie has comedy, thriller, adventure and the right amount of action. We don’t want to ruin it with spoilers. But what we can tell you is the graphical representation is absolutely wonderful and if you haven’t booked the tickets, you should book it now and create the weekend plan.

Preparation for the box office hit

Incredible 2 is ready to smash the box office records with its preparation phase. The Incredible 2 theatre comprises 400 Imax screens and 650+ premium large format screen. And it’s not over here! The regular previews will be screened on 3000+ 3D locations and 210 D-box screens. This will surely give you an idea on the Incredible 2 cost to make.

Incredible 2 cast and crew

Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Sara Vowell and Huck Miller gave voice-over for the lead roles. Incredible 2 actor’s salary is quite handsome even for a voice over. Although the actors claimed that they thoroughly enjoyed their time recording for this movie. ‘One tree hill’ veteran Sophia Bush is also doing a voice over for ‘Voyd’ character. The villain cast is yet to be revealed and it’s better if you wait until the release.

What’s in store for you? 

The movie is going to be absolute family drama portraying mid-life crisis and small issues happening in the family. If you were a fan of Elastigirl from the first movie, we have good news for those fans! She could be the main focus of this sequel. This time the villain will come with a different appeal and backstory, however, the makes refused to talk about it as it would ruin the plot for the movie.

Credit: Nusrat Zahan


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