Marry Poppins Returns- is the current talk of the movie arena of Hollywood.  The movie is a sequel of the 19th century movie ‘Marry Poppins’. The crew of the movie is amazingly creating a hilarious enjoyable environment by describing their experiences on the movie set and many more.

The Funny Experiences

Marry Poppins Returns

Recently the two star of the movie Emily Blunt and Linmanuel Miranda revealed all the fishy secrets and thoughts they had on the set. Well, some of them are really funny. It’s amazing for the fans to know every detail about the star experiences.

So, in the hot seat blunt expressed that the first day of shoot was literally terrifying for her. At the beginning she was a bit nervous as Merry Poppins is a great film and walking on the same shoes of her would not be so easy. But according to her, the whole cast and crews helped her to feel the warmth of the character. She also reveals that Lin has the tendency to play with trust games which was really funny on the set.

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The Corden show and The Crew

The actors also made a blast on the Corden’s famous show ‘late, late show” they almost covered 22 musicals within a momentum and the time period is 12 minutes.  The movie actors Emily blunt and Miranda finished a variety of musicals like cabaret, evita, The wizard of Oz and what not! Their act was hilarious and they made the show an amazing one.

Final Words

The movie is going to be released soon. And the crew members of the movie made each and every show interesting with their hilarious mocks and experiences on the set. The shows are really attracting people a lot as the actors gradually revealing all the crazy secrets of the show.