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From a long, Meryl Streep is walking on the road of classic movies. Till now, she has been nominated 17 times for Oscar. And 3 times she won Oscar. For 27 times, she is nominated for golden globe prize and won 8 times. She won other prizes without this list. She can sing song much better. As a singer, she has nominated 15 times for Grammy awards. She entered as a professional actor in 1971 with the ‘Playboy of Seville’. ‘The Deadliest Season’ was her first television movie at 1977. In this year she has entered in big screen with ‘Julia’. Here, we discuss about Top 10 Meryl Streep movies with a short reactions.

Meryl Streep’s 2nd big screen movie ‘The Deer Hunter’. For ‘The Deer Hunter’ and Kramer vs. Kramer, She was at the center of discussion. The Movie name is Kramer vs. Kramer had been great and Meryl Streep has got the best-supporting-actress prize. At 1982 she gets Oscar for ‘Sophie’s Choice’ as the best actress.


#1 Sophie’s Choice (1982) (Trailer)

The movie was directed by Allen J Pakula. Maximum fans think This movie is the best movie of Meryl Streep’s acting life. The film- “Sopie’s Choice” is about three people who are faced with a series of choices, some dime, some tragic. In 1947 an author Stingo heads to New York made a friendship with research chemist Nathan Landau and Polish refugee Sophie Zawistowska. After spending time with his new neighbors, the writer realizes they are harboring deep secrets that will forever change him. 


#2 Kramer vs. Kramer (1979) (Trailer)

This is an emotional movie. There was another legend Dustin Hoffman with Meryl Streep in this movie. Robert Benton directed this movie released at 1979. The story made with marriage and divorce.


#3 The Deer Hunter (1978) (Trailer)

‘The Deer Hunter’ is Michael Cimino’s second movie. Few workers in steel factories get ready to go to war traveling into the mountains for hunting deer. They were friends and like family but the war made mental impacts that they keep them from opening once again into society. The reality of modern warfare and its impacts on the society had been shown in this movie.


#4 The Iron Lady (2011) (Trailer)

‘The Iron Lady (2011)’ – One of the Meryl Streep’s finest performances ever. Phyllida Lloyd and Abi Morgan create a great biography of ‘Margaret Thatcher’. In her eighties ‘Margaret Thatcher’ finally, release her dead husband ghost by clear out his clothes and then she hit by a flush of memories of her exceptional and conflict.


#5 Out of Africa (1985) (Trailer)

A Danish baroness falls in love with a big-game hunter in colonial Kenya at the 20th-century. She has a passionate love affair with this free-spirited man. A romantic movie of Sydney Polk. Robert Redford is with Meryl Streep in this movie. In 1986 she was Best Actress nominee for this movie.


#6 The Bridges of Madison County (1995) (Trailer)

The film is about love, choice, and consequence. Where National Geographic photographer Robert Kincaid arrives in Lowa to take pictures of the area and bumps into neglected wife and mother Francesca. After four days of the meeting, they won’t want to lose the love they’ve found because they have reached a point in life where expectations are behind them.


#7 Doubt (2008) (Trailer)

The fearsome Catholic school principal battled for a troubled young student. The student has been called to Father Flynn’s private meeting and returned with a whiff of wine on his breath. Then Sister Aloysius Beauvier suspects that Father Flynn has made indecent advances to an altar boy. This is a story of a 1963 New York Catholic schools.


#8 Manhattan (1979) (Trailer)

‘Manhattan’ – a story of New York City, Isaac, Tracy, Yale, and Mary, Where they dance the eternal relationship dance. Isaac a 42 years old, twice divorced, neurotic and having affair with 17 years Tracy. Besides, his friend Yale facing a problem of the extra-marital affair with Mary, though he loves his wife. Beneath the excitement, hurt, joy, and disappointment they enjoy and suffer. The plot is about elements of the human condition: self-respect, integrity, loyalty, fear, and love.


#9 The Devil Wears Prada (2006) (Trailer)

A small-town girl and a new graduate land a job as an assistant into the hectic worlds of high fashion and publishing. As Andrea tries to get ahead in fashion and surviving her impossibly demanding new boss Miranda Priestly – powerful and much-feared editor, Andrea finds her own values at risk.


#10 Silkwood (1983) (Trailer)

The film collected five Academy Award nominations, including for directing and writing as well as for performances by Streep and Cher. The film – ‘Silkwood’ based on the true story of Karen Silkwood, who died in an auto accident in 1974. Karen Silkwood (Streep), a nuclear plant worker strives to expose the safety violations at her workplace. The Kerr-McGee plant endangers the lives of its workers through not following sufficient safety standards in its manufacture of nuclear fuel rods. Karen Silkwood (Streep), a nuclear plant worker possibly murdered just as she was beginning to bring national attention to the Kerr-McGee plant.

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