No offense Avengers Infinity War will be a top rated film, Marvel has flashed an international teaser for this blockbuster. Robert Downey Jr is playing a leading role in getting $million remuneration.

Robert D. Jr in Avengers Infinity War
Robert D. Jr in Avengers: Infinity War


Roberts appearance in Avengers: Infinity War

AvengersInfinity War is made with Comics superhero of marvels and Marvel Studios and Walt Disney are the producers. This film is moreover directed by Anthony and Joe Russo together.He is getting $40 million as the cast of this movie.

Robert D. Jr net worth

In this Film Robert D.Jr playing as Iron Man. Net Worth: $180 million. The net worth of Robert Downey Jr.’s is $180 million in Hollywood, but nowadays his recent financial run is touching $190+ million.

Unclasp time at AmphitheatersPlayhouses

Makers declared that Avengers: Infinity War will come up on 4th may 2018 in 3D(USA). Before releasing date of this movie the Makers and cast’s are already elevated. Audiences already want to know about The 2nd sequel which will get released on 3rd May 2019.

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Handsome salary of Casts in AvengersInfinity War

AvengersInfinity War is $1.5 billion project and its an incredible budget for marvel cinematic studios.So The cast’s salaries are followingRobert Downey Jr is getting$40 million as Salary.

Chris Hemsworth$5.4 million, Scarlett Johansson-$20 million, Chris Evans-$6.9 million, Jeremy Renner-$6.1 million, Mark Ruffalo-$2.8 million.

Avengers: Infinity War crew got gifts from Robert Downey Jr

Along with his mindblowing acting Robert D.Jr has a great heart. He gifted luxury crew chair to every single crew of the set. As he is getting $40 million NetPay from this movie, so this gift is nothing for him.

Billionaire philanthropist playboy in Infinity War

We know Tony stark for his massive collection of IronMan Armor.He is going to play this trend in Avengers-Infinity War. He is coming up with 2 new Suits which is “The Bleeding Edge Armor” and “The Prime” Model 51.


Robert D. Jr is always a style icon. Every single time he flashes up with the new trend and new styles along with his whole new IronMan body-armor. Audiences are eagerly waiting for his heart-throb entry.



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