“SuperFly” 2018 a Eyeball catching Wealthy Investment

The 70s cult classic SuperFly is all set to hit the box office again on June 13, 2018. Yes, you have been seeing the new trailers for the remake of the movie and the wait is almost over. The superfly2018 cost to make is estimated to be more than 100 times the budget of the original movie. Well, you might have already guessed that from the intense trailers with superior quality music. The high movie budget can be clearly understood from its unique star casting.

SuperFly 2018What’s new in the movie? 

The original movie is one of the classic Blaxploitation movies of the 70s. The remake is going to be a modernized version of the movie with a mix of some great surprises for the audience. When it comes to remaking a blockbuster, the expectation from the movie is higher. Director X directors and Sony Pictures Entertainment allocated a huge budget for giving the movie a new look and feel with the old classic story.

The storyline

The original story of the movie is about a young drug dealer who struggles to move out of the drug business. The movie portrays the plan on how the protagonist can make a good deal of money from the drug dealings so that he can leave it forever and have a better life. SuperFly 2018 cost to make is much higher than the original movie. The director X’s version has some great music with amazing stunts and screenplay which explains the high SuperFly 2018 cost to make. So far that is what the filmmakers have been claiming about the movie.

Thoughts on the trailer

The trailer gives us a sneak peak of the modern makeover for the movie. For the audience who loves classic movies, this was a treat to the eyes for them. The setting of the movie has been shifted to Atlanta trying to provide the movie with a new flavor. The teaser showed an overall perspective of poverty, uncertain conditions and how a man rises from it to hope for a better living. We found the Atlanta atmosphere and hip-hop scenes quite refreshing from the trailer.

The hype on the music

SuperFly 2018 cost to make is 100 times than the original movie and one of the reasons behind it is the great fresh flavor of music. Sony enlisted superstar rapper Future to come up with some beautiful soundtracks. The original soundtrack of the movie is going to be quite difficult to overcome but the new makers are all set to prove the audience wrong.

The movie cast and crew

SuperFly actors’ salary is huge this time. The original movie had only a limited budget of $58000 and did business over $6.4 million. This time the star cast is unique and is apt to provide with a new look. The cast includes Jennifer Morrison, Jason Mitchel, Michael Kenneth Williams and so much more. This time the SuperFly actors’ salary has more zeroes than the entire budget of the original movie!

– Credit Nusrat Zahan