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Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman

The Female-Centric movies like Wonder woman are very few in Hollywood. Maybe the viewers are not likely to watch male superheroes because the director does not have the courage to make women-centric pictures. However, the film, Wonder Woman released on June 2.

The film was released worldwide. The movie of 125 minutes and which direction is also by a woman. Gal Gadot played the central role in the film directed by Patty Jenkins. Previously we saw her in last year’s released movie ‘Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice’. However, in the Wonder Woman, the character of Miss Gatod has been fully released.

Wonder Woman- Movie Plot

The story of Wonder Woman revolves around the Amazon community living on the island of Themiscyra, where only women live. In the blessing of god Zeus, there are only daughters born to women in the womb. Diana is the princess of the island. Her mother never wanted her daughter to fight. But the inner warrior could never keep her mind off.

As soon as she grew up, she became skilled in warfare. And the goal of being a winner is only one- Defeating the war god Eris. Son Eris lost his battle with Zeus and declared war again. Zeus set up the Amazon community to defeat Eris and the message was that “an Amazonian will defeat Eris. None of the Amazonians else, Diana herself will do that.” people from all parts of the world came to this separated isolated islands one day, And from that day Diana heard the news of the death of the world and the death of innocent people. To protect the people of the world, Diana left Themiscyra But Diana could not even think of what she is going to see by doing this for saving people.

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman in action

If it is about acting, everyone has acted wonderfully. Gal Gadot played the role of Diana. Of course, she had to work very hard to elicit the character. Most of the people suspect about her ability if she can do great playing this role who was the Miss Israel in 2004 and participated in being Miss Universe. But at the age of 20, the actress, who joined the military, properly demonstrated her own skill in every scene.

When everyone on the DC Extended Universe was frustrated, as it was gone; Just like Silver Linings, the Wonder Woman of DCEU’s fourth movie Female Lead came back to DCEU. Since then, Box Office success, Critics praise, Wonder Woman triumph to the audience. DCEU returned again in the game with Wonder Woman found 92% Fresh Certificates in DC Archdiagnie’s Forest Rotten tomatoes. Photo art direction, clothing – decor, action, background music, and a perfect combo of all things.


Favorite Role

Chris Pine, as Captain Steve Trevor was good at acting. Chris Pine is one of my favorite actors, charismatic, but for general acting. Princess Diana also did well. Her acting as a brave and intelligent soldier was great. Chris Pine-Gal Gadot, romantically-chemistry between Princess Diana and Steve Trevor, was both fluent. And all the time he was a friend and big helpers to Diana to find herself again.Lilly Aspell has shown a great job in the film as little Diana. In the role of Queen Hippolyta, Connie Nielsen played well. Danny Houston as German General and Antagonist, Spanish Actress Elena Anaya, and David Thewlis in the role of British Lord Sir Patrick Morgan took special training for the action scene at this age.


Best aspects of the movie

This Movie is full of action.Great music synchronization with striking and amazing action was fantastic. Director Jenkins arranged the whole movie like a gift box. But there was more to musicians.Hans Jimar’s theme ‘Is She With You?’, Then this music is taken to the right part of the battlefield. This part was really outstanding, only for music.

The movie has a great graphics work to see. But there are some 3D parts, which are great in other dimensions. A little say, initially there is a 3D map scene, pulling a story from mythology to story.This part of 3D’s Working Exclusive. It is a difficult example rather than a simple example.

Those who have watched in 3D, they can understand. And those who see them, they will notice. Apart from the usual dark color grading of the DC, the use of light and color was very good at the necessary time. There is no humor in DC, for making a statement wrong, humor has been brought there in a good way. Not much, just a few interesting parts of Diana are being made out of the world. There was a lack of Easter Eggo in the movie Along with taking from comics, there were a few parts from Richard Donner’s ‘Superman’ movie, which was part of the Easter Egg part of the DC animation. For example, like the Disney Animated Movie ‘Justice League: War’, Prince Diana’s first ice cream tasting and thanking the seller, those were good enough.

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman coming to react

Above all, Wonder Woman is a Mast Watch movie. Here director attempts to show the horrors of World War though it is the movie of the superhero genre.Not just action in the movie, Princess Diana’s story of discovering herself again is here. Movie Director Lady Patty Jenkins framed This story from behind perfectly.Like other movies, the superhero came here – saw and won; That’s not the case.

Rather, with the war, it was actually a long way from Diana to the real Wonder Woman story.The Wonder Woman character was created to represent women. Wonder Woman in this movie is not only a woman but also a hero, Idol; This is how she was presented. Not only is the woman’s headcount making so much praise, it is not. The story, Presentation, Acting, Character Development, Graphics and overall was great in this movie. Wonder Woman is a film that was very well-attached and gorgeous in all aspects indeed. After that, hopefully, the next movies of DCEU will be very good.

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Directed By: Patty Jenkins.
Produced By: Zack Snyder, Charles Roven, Deborah Snyder, Richard Suckle.
Writing Credit: Allan Heinberg, Jason Fuchs, and Zack Snyder.
Casting By: Chris Pine, Gal Gadot, Connie Nielsen, Danny Huston, Robin Wright.
Music By: Rupert Gregson.
Remaining Time: 141 minutes.
Country: United States.
Language: English
Distribute Company: Warner Bros. Pictures.
Production Company: Tencent Pictures, DC Films, Wanda Pictures, Atlas Entertainment.
Genre: Action.
Release Date: 25 May 2017.


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