The Boss Baby
The Boss Baby

The Boss Baby makes Highest grossing: Starting March with none stop competition between animation. The Boss Baby makes a top record in US film Box-Office second highest weekend of $26 million. While Beauty and the Beast $25 million.

The Boss Baby starts with over 3000 screens. On the other hand, Beauty and the Beast start with 4210 screens. Opening Sony’s family film “The lost village” is in the third position of around $14 million with 3600 screens.

Going in style is the fourth position about $12 million with 3000 screens. In Friday “The Boss Baby” grossed $6.9 million while “Beauty and the beast” grossed $6.8 million, “Going in Style” grossed $4.2 million and “The lost village” grossed $4.1 million.

At last Beauty and the Beast is in billion-dollar club. And  Beauty and the beast is in 29 of 100 on the highest grossing movie in the US.


– Films Family

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