The Old Man and the Sea is a master Piece of a Hemingway. The movie is the masterpiece of Ernest Miller Hemingway’s novel, a magnificent tale of an old fisherman, a young boy, and a giant fish. Hemingway did have a Nobel for this literature.

It was quite difficult to cinematize this movie, but John Sturges make it happen. From a gulf stream Cuba, an old fisherman fear for his luck because he hasn’t been caught any fish for 84 days, but the young did have a faith in him and always brings coffee and food for him. On the 85th day, the old Cuban fisherman sails out alone. At first, he did catch some small fish but waited for his luck improve and he did hook a large marlin. Then he decides without reeling this fish he is not going to return to the shore. For redeeming himself he waited two days and nights with fish in his reels.

A short story about a solitary life and infinite perception of the beauty, grief of a man’s challenge, an ambition in which he lives.




  • Directed By: John Sturges, Henry King, Fred Zinnemann
  • Produced By: Leland Hayward
  • Writing Credit: Peter Viertel, Ernest Hemingway
  • Starring By: Spencer Tracy, Harry Bellaver, Don Diamond
  • Music By: Dimitri Tiomkin
  • Remaining Time: 86 Minutes
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • Distribute By: Warner Bros. Pictures.
  • Genre: Adventure, History
  • Release Date: October 07 1958
  • Award: Oscar


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