When it is about superheroes, first thing comes to our mind is Marvel and DC universe. Marvel and DC both are superhero comic book project in the name of successful finance and production. They have a rivalry between them for decades. The main difference between them is one started with the Superhuman ability and other started with Super Natural powers.

Marvel Entertainment is the Owner and Publisher of Marvel Comics.its very first publications started in 1939. Its headquarter is in NY, USA. DC Entertainment is the owner and publisher of DC comics. It is the subsidiary part of Warner Bros. Dc started their debut with Superman in 1935.


Marvel’s and its richest Superheroes.

Marvel Super Heroes
Marvel’s Super Heroes

If it is about superpowers, there are very little wonderful as super wads of money. Tony Stark is the one billionaire-playboy, but it’s the money which let him have the Iron Man armors. He is the genius but mainly the cash. But in marvels superhero list the T’challa a.k.a Black Panther is the richest. Black Panthers net worth is like $90 trillion (estimated). After that Namor, its estimated net worth is about $260 billion. in the 3rd position, we have Black Bolt and its net worth like $250 billion.


Expensive and moneyed Character in DC

DC Universe Superheroes

If we think about Dc comics there are a bunch of characters. Among them, we can especially talk about Batman, Lex Luthor, Green Arrow, Oliver Queen, Cyborg, Hawkgirl, the Atom and many more. If we talk about the wealthiest character in DC, we have to mention Bruce Wayne as Batman. His net worth is about $15 billion. After him, Emma frost is the richest having the net worth of $600 million. In the 3rd position, we have Lex Luthor having the net worth of $550 million. We have Professor X, having the net worth of $500 million. In this list we have Superman, Spiderman also. But their net worth is not that big deal comparing with Batman, Lex, and Emma.


Ironman vs Batman

Batman vs Ironman

One of most asked question is who is richest between Ironman and Batman. This section is the most mentioned topic. The answer to this question is Tony Stark known as Iron Man. Narrowly he passed Bruce Wayne in billionaire playboy war. Tony starks net worth is like $20.4 billion. Where Bruce Wayne’s net worth is like $15 billion.


How rich is Superman?

Super Man
Super Man

Superman is as wealthiest as he always wanted to. He just doesn’t have an intention of earning money which is the major thing stopping him. Even if you are unable to count the design and arts at his place. The tech he has, he can earn billions. He can actually build Diamonds from charcoal. Still, Henry cavill’s net worth is like $2 million as per update of 2017. This show that he is not that much rich among other superheroes but he is not that poor either. So we can count on Superman. This is still on the list. Let’s not be hopeless on Superman. In spite of being not listed in the richest list, he is always on the list of most famous hero.


How wealthy is Iron man?

Iron man

In this Film Robert Downey Jr playing as Iron Man. Net Worth: $20.3 billion. In a general film Robert Downey Jr estimated net pay is almost $180 million in Hollywood, but surprisingly his financial run is approximately touching $21 billion in recent days. We all know Tony stark because of his rare collection of Iron Man Armor. He will be playing this rule again in Avengers-Infinity War. Tony Stark is showing up with 2 brand new stark armors which is “The Bleeding Edge Armor” and “The Prime” Model 51. Robert D. Jr will always be a style icon. Like every single time, he shows up with the whole luxury trend and new superhero styles along with his whole new Iron Man suit or body-armor.

Audiences and supporters are eagerly waiting for his heart-throb climax and entry in his next blockbuster. Finally, along with his jaw-dropping acting, Robert D. Jr is a kind-hearted man. He has already gifted luxury crew chairs to all of the crew of the set and production. As he is earning $140 million Net remunerations from this production, so this gift is nothing for him.


Is Bruce Wayne the richest?

If we think about Dc comics there are a bunch of characters. Among them, we can especially talk about Batman. We have to mention Bruce Wayne as Batman the wealthiest superhero in DC Comics. Before Emma frost, he is the richest. His net worth is $15 billion. He is a billionaire playboy, as he has to hold the caliber. He is the owner of Wayne Enterprise. The annual net worth of his Wayne Enterprise is almost $30 billion. His Wardrobe cost him $21,000, his luxury cars cost him $786,200. For his fitness and physic purpose, his costings are $52,400 per year. Dor travel cost he has to pay $2700 per hour. We can consider him as one of the richest heroes.


The mighty Spider-Man

Spider man
Spider man

The mighty Spider-Man, we all know him as Peter Parker. Peter Parker is a boy from Queens, United States of America. He is with Parker industries. His estimated net worth is $3 billion. Spider-Man is every single guy’s first superhero. The name of the writer is Stan Lee and illustrator is Steve Ditko. They created the SpiderMan. SpiderMan expanded so fast to the franchise. Hollywood took the step to make a tribute film of spiderman in 2002. Then Spider-Man- 2 in 2004 and Spider-Man – 3 in 2007. Then we have seen The Amazing Spiderman in 2012. Walt Disney Company purchased the right in 2009 and then they have released The Amazing SpiderMan- 2 in 2014. After all these years Spider-Man came up with a shuttle Kick, which is Spider-Man – Homecoming in 2017. Which was a blockbuster hit?

From upwards we can find out that, Marvel’s and DC comic has the rivalry between them since the starting of powers, fame, money etc. Marvel Entertainment keep giving surprises in their superhero based movies. Dc does the same too. by this project, the heroes earn a lot which makes their life luxurious and takes into the limelight. That’s all for today.


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