Thor: Ragnarok (2017) Movie Review

Thor: Ragnarok
Cate Blanchett and Chris Hemsworth

The God of thunder came back. If you have the slightest idea about the world of superhero film, then Thor Ragnarok, who is running the world box office, is not unknown to you. Not only ordinary viewers, but critics have also accepted the latest addition to Marvel’s most recent inclusion. Taika Waititi has given a new look to the GOD of Thor in Norse mythology through his humorous storytelling. Not only, Thor, we see the Hulk has connected for the first time in Thor franchise. By pushing the darkness and dark atmosphere of the superhero movie, Marvel has always been offering light theme movies. But this is the first superhero film to provide a full two-hour fun ride.

Thor: Ragnarok is the 17th film of Marvel Cinematic Universe (short for MCU) and 3rd movie of Thor franchise. Thor franchisee’s first film ‘Thor’ was released in 2011, which was directed by KENNETH BRANAGH. Thor’s second film ‘Thor: The Dark World’ was have released in 2013. As the first one was unable to respond as expected, the director has changed in the second movie. ‘Thor: The Dark World’ has assigned to Alan Taylor. But the same phrase again, in 2013, Marvel managed to get all the rough. All other franchise audience and critics had a good response, though Thor franchise was going to be utterly miserable for Marvel. As a result, in the next four years, Marvel has not released any single movie.

Thor: Ragnarok
Karl Urban and Cate Blanchett

When the second Avenger film was released in 2015, MCU has firmly established their foundation in Hollywood. Suddenly, they assign the third movie of Thor to New Zealand’s Independent film director Taika waiting. It is not the first time that such a visionary decision Marvel President had taken with risk. Captain America franchise, handed over the responsibility of directing to comedy series Community’s director Russo Brothers. Two comedy series directors such as Marvel has given one of his best two pictures, as well as an original film director of New Zealand,  has gifted us the most enthralling movie in the history of superhero film.



Goddess of death attacked Asgard.  It is an essential place in the Cinematic Universe of Marvel. The most potent Avenger Thor and one of Marvel’s most supervillain Loki is in this Asgard. When Asgard crashes in Hela’s attack, then on the other end of the universe, Thor is stuck as a prisoner gladiator. In his first fight as a gladiator, he encounters his old friend Hulk. To save Asgard from Hela, Thor will have to overcome many obstacles, long ways. Hulk, Loki, and Valkyrie join Thor in this cosmic adventure of long passages.



The direction of Taika wait was one-sided. He has not only revived the Thor franchise; he has given a new looked to every character in the movie. At a time by the name “Thor” we thought of long-haired Chris Hemsworth with his hammer floating in front of our eyes. Waititi has wholly changed Thor’s classical image. There is no hammer in this movie. Not even long hair. This film changed his clothes. Not only Thor but wait its impression has also fallen on Hulk and Loki’s overlook. We never saw Green Hulk before talking, saw just the roar.

But in this movie we do not see green talk only, we find that Hulk is a very funny superhero. For the first time, to manage the superhero movie, waiting left his signature very well.

According to the actors, 80 percent of the film was improvised. That is, 80 percent of the dialogue is out of script with intellectual crop presentations of directors and actors. The main characters in the film were all starring in the eyes. We have found new star Chris Hemsworth and starring Mark Ruffalo as Hulk. The role of Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie has also received much acclaim. The first female supervillain was the impressive one-Cate Blanchett as Hela.

Thor: Ragnarok movie rating 8.2 out of 10. This evaluation was taking from IMDB. So I think this is the fascinating movie and most of the people like it. You can watch this film and enjoy your vacation.

Thor: Ragnarok
Chris Hemsworth in Thor Ragnarok

More unique aspects of Thor Ragnarok

In one word, Thor: Ragnarok has revived a dead superhero franchise. Among the many, Thor: Ragnarok is the most entrepreneurial and Humorous Superhero movie in history.

Thor: Ragnarok Villain Hela (Cate Blanchett) is the first single female supervillain in history. Before that, we have never seen a woman in the role of the supervillain.

This first superhero has shown as ordinary people. In the film, we see superheroes always in a beautifully decorated image. Superheroes are still like superheroes. They are never seen to talk about happiness and sorrow like ordinary people; they cannot be seen to be proud. The look of the superheroes is always perfect, never seen their tricks missed. Thor: Ragnarok has many such scenes in which you will see Thor from the human perspective. Seeing sleeping-bathing, watching happiness and sorrow, you will see the quality of pride.

 One of the most beautiful aspects of Ragnarok is that it has become able to exit MCU’s standard formula. Since Marvel has become a Cinematic Universe, the Marvel is going to make all his movies following a specific recipe. Ragnarok did not go to the bottom of that formula. Waititi wants to create a film that is wrapped up in the music, Humour, and Entertainment. Ragnarok did not want to be an all-rounder like all the other films of Marvel.

Thor: Ragnarok’s use of music is also very cool. In fact, the boldest musical scores in MCU’s history have been used by Ragnarok. In particular, Ragnarok’s title song has gained popularity. This song, written in the Norse mythology, is very consistent with Thor’s image.

Finally, Thor: Ragnarok is like a rollercoaster trip. This movie will give you only joy. This cosmic adventure does not depend on the story of Thor, even with the rest of the Thor movies. The colorful set, juvenile dialogue, and cozy music have introduced our familiar superheroes to the new version of Thor: Ragnarok. It can also be said as a new addition to Thor for the superhero genre.

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  • Directed By: Taika Waititi.
  • Produced By: Kevin Feige.
  • Writing Credit: Christopher Yost, Craig Kyle.
  • Casting By: Chris Hemsworth, Cate Blanchett, Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba, Benedict Cumberbatch and Mark Ruffalo.
  • Music By: Mark Mothersbaugh.
  • Remaining Time: None.
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • Distribute Company: Marvel Studio.
  • Production Company: Motion Pictures.
  • Genre: Action and Adventure.
  • Release Date: 3 November 2017


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