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Warner Bros is included in America’s largest multinational media corporation. The Warner Bros has gifted the world, 100 years of his journey to the world, which has changed the traditional thinking of film-making. In the 100-year history, about 6,800 films have been made about an infamous banner which is also a record. Warner Bros has given us gifts as well as the making of various genres, including all the movie franchises, including Harry Potter, The Matrix, and Batman. In the box office, 13 of the first 50 most coveted films in history are made by the Warner Bros. Banner. Some of the most notable movies are Harry Potter Franchise’s all the movies, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, The Hobbit and Unexpected Journey, Inception, etc. Warner Bros. has more than 5 active orgies production companies, who work with animations, TV series, cartoons, and music. Let’s check Warner Brothers History.

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Early life history

Four Warner brothers are the former of the company and the name of this company is decided to be warner bros according to their name. They formed the organization on April 4, 1923. Jack Warner, Sam Warner, Harry Warner and Albert Warner are the founder of this company. The studio office of this Entertainment industry is in Burbank, California. At present,  Time Warner and Warner Communications are the owners of this industry. Time Warner inc as well as American multinational media organization that headquartered in the Time Warner Center in New York City.

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In 1927, the primary talkie was discharged and soon created first all-talking motion picture ” the lights of new york”. 1940, they released almost 40 pictures in a year with some classic movies too. They released some notable movies in 1950 like “house of wax”, “A streetcar named desire” etc. They introduced television story in 1955. In 1960, they released famous tv series named F troop and The FBI. In 1928, they produced the first full-length film with sound. And in 1929, they introduced the color film. In 1930, the company was producing almost 100 films in a year. The company became one of America’s largest music producers and cable television operators. In 2001, they smashed each one of its own film industry records and a few industry records. In 2004, they became the owner of $3.41 billion in worldwide box office and industry’s market share leader.


Warner Bros picture groups

This is the world of the famous movie and famous characters. Their famous and successful picture groups are following:

The dark knight series is the best part of Warner Brothers History

The Dark Knight is a wonderful creation of Christopher Nolan. Through this movie, he changed the definition of superhero movie. Prior to that, Super Hero Movie had a great action with a simple story. When Christopher Nolan came to make a superhero movie, he reduced the action and created man’s deep psychology with a behind-the-scenes superhero Batman, a classic movie called The Dark Knight. It is the highest selling of Warner Brothers history of film that ever has made. It is released on July 21st and had a total production budget of $185000000.

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Harry Potter series

Harry Potter is the world-famous creation of J.K. Rowling,  the famous British writer.  It is The eight-episode movie series, which is now on the top of the list of most successful business series. The movie series started it’s journey in 2001, with the movie named “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”.

Charlie and the chocolate factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is the film that directed by Tim Burton. The movie was released in 2005. The story of this amazing movie is written by Rowal Dal. One of the two main characters in the film is Wiley Wanka and the other is Charlie Bucket, in which Johnny Depp and Freddie Hymn are respectively performed.

The first talkie

The ‘first jazz singer’ was the first film ever in the movie world. The first one that was released with sound. The Warner Bros revolutionized the way of watching movies. The film was released in October in 1920. It is one of the major hits in Warner Brothers history of all time.

Most successful works

The most successful films that Warner Bros has created in last decades are given here. One of those is the movie “Batman the dark knight”. The production cost of this movie has reached almost a staggering $185 million and was rated as one of the PG-13. The other movies are dark knight, Harry Potter, and the deathly hallows part 1 and 2, Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone,Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix which has earned $939,885,929, Harry Potter and the half blood prince which has earned $934,416,487, Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire which has earned $896,911,078 and Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets has earning of $878,989,634. They also good at producing animation film such as Pokemon: the 1st movie which made $163,644,662, making it the highest-grossing anime film in the US.

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The Weinstein Company had a lawsuit over Warner Bros for a film the name of which was ‘the butler ’ as a racial controversy. Warner brothers won mediation against the Weinstein organization over the title of the film “the butler”. The Islamic rights bunch weren’t content with the title of the Warner brothers pictures film “towelhead”. They challenged that ” Towelhead” is a discourteous, stunning and revolting word.

Unknown facts

James Dean made only three movies, all of them for Warners: “East of Eden”, “Rebel without a cause” and “Giant”.

Warners created the blueprint for the modern-day superhero movie with 1980’s Superman, and 1989’s badman, both based on caped hero titles published by dc comics which was a division of Warner Bros.

Warners ushered in the modern style documentary Wave with 1989’s “Roger and me”, which launched Michelle Moore’s directing career.

Each movie Clint Eastwood that featured in previous 45 years was published by Warner Bros. This organization has included more than 40 films.

Warner Brothers history is one of the premier films, TV creation and after generation offices on movie world. It is a completely coordinated, wide-based amusement organization that basically create enormous spending films. To be true, Warner Bros is a worldwide corporation in the creation, generation, authorizing and promoting all sort of inventive movies and their related organizations over every single developing medium and stage.

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