60+ Novelty Birthday Puns for your Nearest Person

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Birthdays are important to everyone. Remembering them is an important task but how to wish them gets more complicated because your friends and family members may be expecting more from you. Maybe they are not expecting much but they will obviously want your birthday puns and wishes for them to stand out.

You can make them feel special anyway but if you try a funny way then it will seem different then anyone.

So we have collected some birthday puns for you, which you can use to wish your friends, family members, girlfriend, or anyone.

Everyone likes cool birthday wishes but they will love nicely written birthday puns that can crack a joke out of them.

They will remember it for sure because it is unique and funny at the same time.

Birthday Puns

Ultimate Birthday Puns for Friends

I mean there is no person on earth who does not have any friends.

Friends are important because they help you through difficult times, support you, and make life beautiful.

So in order to make them feel special but funny at the same time, here are some funny birthday puns for your friends.

These birthday Puns will surely cheer them up.

1) Buddy, do not eat the clock on your birthday because it will get time-consuming. May your special day bring happiness to you!

Happy Birthday Puns

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2) I know you are an addict but I hope you get addicted to soap. So you know you’ll clean yourself. Anyway, happy birthday to you, get yourself cleaned.

3) Birthdays are fun but you know celebrating another curse (you) on this earth. It is not fun at all I mean your birth date.

4) Are you an elephant? I would love to give you a trunk full of gifts to celebrate your birthday.

5) I am sure birthdays are awesome but too many of them will lead to your death. Be careful

6) In heaven, you know what you’ll get for your birthday? Angel cake

7) Doctors told me that I was getting heartburned because of the heat of the candles on my birthday cake.

Best Birthday Puns

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8) I consider cracking a math joke at your birthday party. However, I don’t know if I will get a burst of laughter from the people. Opinions?

9) I have just discovered that the main reason you are getting hotter with every birthday of yours is because of all the birthdays you celebrated.

10) I want you to know on this special day of yours you have been such a nice friend to me that I swear to take all of your secrets with me to my gravy. Happy birthday.

11) Statistics prove that those who have celebrated more birthdays tend to live the longest. Happy birthday to you may you have many more.

These birthday puns will definitely make your friends laugh. Also, these wishes are unique in their own way and will definitely help your birthday wish stand out as compared to other birthday wishes. So make sure you give them a try. Happy birthday to your friend and all the friends out there!


Birthday Puns for Brother Like a Pro

Brothers are one of the best things that have ever happened to a human being.
You may have heard a saying, “Brother is my only best friend no one can replace him.” So birthdays of brothers are also important to almost everyone who has a brother.
So here are some funny birthday puns wishes to share with your brother on his birthday.

12) I was writing something for you but then I realized my pencil is broken so I stopped because I thought it will be pointless to do so. So here’s a simple Birthday wish “Happy Birthday to you may you have many more”

13) There’s a very funny joke about amnesia I was about to say at your party tonight. However, Now I do not remember how it goes. All I remember is that it’s your birthday. So, happy birthday

14) The birthday cake is similar to the golf ball only when you slice it.

15) Birthday cakes can be as hard as a rock. If they are marble cakes.

16) People with most birthdays tend to live longer.

17) The mobile phone told his owner on his birthday that he needs an upgrade.

Funny Best Birthday Puns

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18) The simplest way to check an elephant’s age is to check his driving license on his birthday.

19) I bought a gift for you, a book about glue. I kind of hope it sticks with you and wishing you a happy birthday.

20) This birthday party is going to be so huge that the construction workers present there will have to lift the roof.

21) I went to amazon to get the lighters to light the candles but when I looked up lighters, their system was showing matches.

22) How do you think pickles commemorate their birthdays? They relish every moment

These birthday wishes will definitely help you stand out to your brother. Watch out and choose wisely because some are for younger brothers and some are for elder brothers. So choose your weapon accordingly and I am sure they will love it. Happy birthday to all of the brothers out there!

Mind-Blowing Birthday Puns for Sister

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a sister but if you have a sister so consider yourself lucky. Sisters are like a blessing; they will help you through your difficult times and give you good advice if you get stuck in some difficult situations. Sisters are a very important part of our life. To make them feel more special here are some birthday puns with wishes that you can send her on her birthday to make her feel special.

23) Someone once heard a birthday candle saying that “these birthdays celebrations really burn her up” to another candle

24) It’s easy to buy a birthday cake even if it is no one’s birthday, they really don’t check. Happy birthday to you may you have many more.

25) I wish you a “happy meow day” from my cat. May you have many more.

26) I was going to wish something very deep for you but I was afraid you might get emotional or start crying, so “Happy birthday” Sis!

27) Since today is your 21st I wish you a happy beer-the day!

28) You are another year old but interestingly enough your donuts look another year old.

29) I know you love diamonds so I bought you playing cards to play with. “Happy Birthday” Sis!

30) Your teddy bear rejected the slice of cake I insisted but he said: “I am stuffed”.

31) You are looking for the best gift to present it to a hunter on his birthday? Just give him a birthday pheasant and he will be in Heaven and wish him by saying “Happy pheasant to you”

32) John Dalton is one of the guests at your special birthday party and he wants to have a big whale of a time with us.

33) I asked an owl why it did not bring you a birthday gift. Guess what his reply was to me? “It does not give a hoot!”

These birthday wishes will definitely make your sister feel special and also make her laugh. Choose your pun wisely and wish her one of the best birthday wishes of all time. Of course, don’t go too hard on your sister depending on the situation but still try not to! Happy birthday to all of the sisters out there!


Funny Birthday Wishes for Mom

Moms are like a world to everyone. No one can compete with the love of our mothers because this love is unconditional.

No boundaries in it and everyone should love their mother a lot.

So if you want your birthday wishes for your mom to be unique and caring at the same time, then feel free to check the puns out.

Here are some birthday puns for you to wish her on her special day.

34) For your very important day, I bought you this amazing new broom that is currently sweeping the nation. P.S happy birthday to you.

35) The love affair between cream & sugar was just the icing on the birthday cake this year.

36) Happy birthday to your mom. I know hearing it from your favorite son first put a smile on your face.

37) You can enjoy eating your birthday cake, Ask me when? When no one’s around.

38) Mom, you are so amazing that seven days without you feel like a whole week. Happy birthday!

39) From the top of my heart, I wish you every tea-riffic birthday wish for today.

40) Why did I take your birthday cake to the therapist? Because it told me it felt very crumbly.

41) The neighborhood cats loved the birthday party we organized for you because mice cream cake was served at the event.

42) I tried giving your teddy bear a slice of the birthday cake but he rejected it saying he was stuffed.

43) The only guaranteed thing you get year after year on your birthday is a year older and some hair loss. Happy Birthday.

These wishes are unique and catchy at the same time. They are also funny because of all the puns in them. So definitely check them out and send them to your loved ones, especially your mom. Happy birthday to all of the moms out there!

Ground Breaking Birthday Puns for Dad

Every dad in this world is a hero to their children. To be fair and honest it’s true.

Dads try their best to keep their children happy and healthy.

Their love has no boundaries. So you should be wishing him something special and unique for their birthdays.

Of course, if you want to be unique at the same time, here are some birthday puns for all the dads out there.

44) Dad, you are so phenomenal that I can’t espresso how your presence in my life beans to me. Happy birthday.

45) Sitting down with you is something I cherish. Wishing you a happy birthday with a lot of prayers.

46) In the cookies of life, amazing fathers like you are the chocolate chips. Happy birthday!

47) Right before the NBA players blow out the candles on the birthday cakes they love to make a swish.

48) The only reason Lauren hit the birthday cake with a hammer was that she was told it was a pound cake.

49) The simplest way to keep track of your age is if you don’t change it every year. Happy birthday

50) World’s most excellent dad. Happy birthday to you!

51) Dad, you are one in a melon. I just want to thank you and wish you a happy birthday.

These are some puns that you can send to your dad on his birthday. We are sure these will make his day and make him happy. These wishes made with puns are probably the best way to wish your dad this year. Happy birthday to your dad!


Novelty Birthday Puns for a Colleague

Colleagues are part of your work life. You are kind of stuck with them but in a good way. There are cases when you don’t like your colleagues. These cases occur most of the time but you cannot do anything about it because you are stuck with them. Not all colleagues are on your bad side, some of them are very close to you like a friend! So if you are looking for a birthday wish for your colleagues, here are some to wish them. These are some good birthday puns-related wishes that will make their day.

52) The only way that you could enjoy your cake by eating it is when nobody shows up for your birthday.

53) It’s not that the clown we hired to perform at the birthday bash didn’t know how to juggle. He, unfortunately, I did not have the balls for that.

54) I was busily looking for a birthday gift for you but stopped the moment I realized you already have an awesome one. You have a present!

55) Just like every other birthday in the world, I am confident that today yours will also end with the letter Y. Happy birthday 😛

56) If you were an elf, the birthday cake I would have bought for you would be a shortcake!

57) Your birthday is so amazing that even the raccoons in the area are taking part in it and getting trashed!

58) As you eat your cake, be careful of the candles that cover them. I heard that eating candles along with cake can cause heartburn. I wish you luck on your special day.

59) Your birthday is so amazing that even the raccoons in the area are taking part in it and getting trashed Bin.

60) The only kind of cake that a coffee enthusiast will eat is Choco-latte!

61) As much as I enjoy birthdays, I think having too many of them will kill you eventually. Anyway, happy birthday and don’t celebrate without me.

These birthday wishes will definitely make your colleague laugh out loud. Birthday puns are fun and they will help you to stand out instead of sending the same old boring birthday wishes over and over again. This way you get a chance to make their days with birthday wishes in a unique way. Happy birthday to your colleague!



We have come to the conclusion that birthday wishes are important but being there for someone makes a whole lot of difference. Birthday wishes are very important and kind of mean a lot to some people.

Words are never enough to express anything but they can definitely make somebody laugh. You should know which puns you should use in which situation so people don’t get offended by those.

Without worrying, feel free to share these birthday puns with your friends, colleagues & family.

Definitely, these wishes are unique and different from any usual and same old boring wishes. So use them wisely and crack a hard joke out of your loved ones with a simple wish!


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