50+ Best Birthday Wishes for Dogs

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Just like our other family members when the birthday of our dogs comes, we become really happy. Though those cute little wordless beings don’t understand it much, they can feel it by seeing our happiness. So you will find some great birthday wishes for dogs.

When you have a dog as a pet, you know how much you adore him. We treat our dogs just like our family members. They join in every occasion of our life. They love us sometimes even more than themselves. We can’t thank them enough for doing so. They are like our 24*7 companions. Always ready to be on our side unconditionally. Such unconditional love is very rare for people. Their warmth and loving gestures make our being cheerful from within. Having a dog is no less than a beautiful gift from God.


50+ Best Birthday Wishes for Dogs

There is no simple and more amazing way to wish your pet dog to say some great things. Here are some amazing ways that can help you to wish your beloved dog a happy birthday –

1) See, my little mate is one year older today. I loved you as a little one, but I love you even more now. My love will increase with each of your birthdays for you. My dog buddy!

Birthday Wishes for Dogs

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2) Enjoy the day you were born, my shower of happiness. I am so glad that this day came. I am so glad that God let you stay with me and be my friend.

3) Here comes your day. I have a great doggy treat for you. You deserve it for always being there for me. And guess what All your dog buddies will be joining too!

4) So on this amazing birthday of yours, there will be no “nos” for you. Keep doing whatever you want. I want to see you happy and playful all this day.

5) I know if I say “Happy birthday” to you as normal people do, you won’t be able to understand that. But try to feel it by seeing in my eyes how much I appreciate your presence in my life.

6) Look at you! How much grown you are! You shouldn’t be getting puppy treatment from now on yet I love you just the way I did before. On this special day, I thought I finally should tell this to you out loud.

7) Thanks for making the world a better place with your presence my cupcake. May you live with delight always and remain the stylish dog as you still are!

8) Today is my handsome dog’s birthday. So today only you deserve my time more than anyone else!

Best Birthday Wishes for Dogs

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9) Happy birthday my sugarcane. I know what makes you happy, here is your meat!

10) Thanks for being the source of unconditional love for me thank you and happy birthday my dearest dog.

11) You are the most amazing dog one can ever have! May such days keep coming so many times in both of our lives.

12) Cheers to my one-year-old friend. Thanks for being you all this time my dog buddy!

13) I know some might find it silly that I celebrate your birthday. But we both know the bond we share is way more precious than they think.

14) You are my only friend who listens without interruption. Though you bark sometimes I know that is to let me know that you are there. I am grateful for this day my buddy.

15) On your birthday, let’s see a movie together. How about “Hachiko”?

16) So yet another year of your being on this earth. Thank you for choosing me, just not once but over and over again.

Cute Birthday Wishes for Dogs

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17) Being with you brings peace and happiness within me. Your presence on this earth and in my life is so precious. I know you can feel that.

18) You keep barking but still, you know how to care and adore. No matter what you do on this special day you should know, you are family now.

19) Keep calm, because it is my dog’s birthday! Time to celebrate it as long as the day stays. What say, my doggy buddy?

20) Just like other family members, I am so glad that God picked our family for you. Happy Birthday.

21) You are a phenomenal dog who has lived another phenomenal year and more to come!

22) Your companionship is the best thing that keeps my life moving. Glad that you came into this world today.

Amazing Birthday Wishes for Dogs

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23) On this special day of yours, I want you to know that you are one of the reasons I want to wake up in the morning every day.

24) With a year you must have grown a bit wiser. But no matter what never forget to count on me for you. Always!

25) You are always my best companion, no matter what. On this birthday of yours, I wish may this bonding of ours remains like this forever.


Funny Birthday Wishes for Dogs

Dogs are fun-loving pets and we all know it. So if you want to wish your dear pet some funny wishes on his/her birthday, you can use anyone from below. These are some Funny Birthday Wishes for Dogs –

1) As you have grown a bit older, will you stop making that cute face that makes me forget all the mischief that you do sometimes?

happy birthday quotes for dogs

2) Another year has gone, right? So, will you be this much clingy even now? But, I love it anyway.

3) So that you are now an aged dog, going to a neighbor’s house frequently to meet your love interest is not a good idea.

4) Happy birthday my buddy! See I have successfully pampered you another whole year!

5) On this birthday of yours, I wish you choose all the food from home rather than anything that comes in front of you.

6) You do feel the human language but on your special day let me make some dog sounds to wish you “gheu gheu”.

7) So it’s your birthday. How can I pamper you more, Sir?

8) Being a messy dog as you are. You have full authority to mess around on this special day of yours all day.

9) On this day I want to tell you, you are like the light of our home that brightens up the day for all.

10) On this birthday, don’t make a sad face as you have become a year old. Look you are becoming more handsome each year.

11) I wish on this special day that you don’t try to bite any stranger this coming year.

12) I hope you stop eating junk and eat good foods as you are growing old.

13) With your growing age of, it is so unlikely that you will let go of that unnecessary barking habit of your character.

14) On this birthday of yours, I wish you get the opportunity to pee on everything that comes in your way and move on.

15) On this special day, I wish you never stop making that cute and sad face when I get mad at you.

16) I wish you get to bite all the creepy people around my locality when he doesn’t make you feel good.

17) A year wiser and older, I wish for you to stop watching TV and wasting playing time.

18) As you are now a year older, will you be a little bit more organized my lovely dog?

19) On special day hope, you show no tantrums while bathing and stop playing around dirt.

20) As the year goes by let’s see if you can beat your old self in mischief this year as well.

21) Only if they knew, what my buddy dog means to me, they would have wanted you to stay by their side too.

22) So as a birthday gift I promise I will scratch you, even more, this year as a token of my love.

23) With your growing age of yours, I wish your gut feelings get even stronger about strange strangers your age.

24) The love you need is the scarcest in this world. I am glad to have plenty of that for you now.

25) Yes, my dog buddy on your birthday you will get your desired diet, just for this day. So get pampered and remember it until your next birthday.


Being a very important part of your life, your dog is very precious to you. His birthday is something that you will always remember and you will want to do something very special for him. These beautiful wishing words can transmit good vibes to your dogs in a very positive way. You definitely can try these out.


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