30+ Heart-Melting Birthday Wishes for Dad

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Father is one emotional and robust word in our lifetime. He is the one beautiful soul who never expects anything in return from us. Without him, we have nothing to do with our life. Dad will always make us feel secure and lift us to succeed in our life path. And no one can replace him. He is our only role model who made us grow well and also in good shape as the person we are now. He is our significant support and always taught us to stay bold. Moreover, birthdays are the most beautiful occasion to express your love to your father in return. Plan your dad’s birthday, starting with these heart-melting birthday wishes for dad.

Birthday Quotes for Quotes

Wondrous Birthday Wishes for Dad

Dad is the one-person army who saves us by facing different struggles in the battle of life. He is the true meaning of your life. And on his special day, you can make him feel very special by sending these birthday wishes to your Dad.

1) Daddy, I know you are the best, and always perfect. But I was not the ideal child. You are the most excellent teacher for me and made me correct my mistakes with your abundant love. Today is your day to enjoy each second. Happy Birthday, Papa! I love you.

2) Dad, you are my protector, my most significant support I want you by my side always. Wishing you a fantastic Birthday pops!

Birthday Wishes for Dad

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3) Daddy, you are my sunshine. You are my everything, and I am fortunate to have you as my dad. Happy Birthday!

4) You have given me beautiful moments and always helped me to chase my dreams.

5) Today the favorite day of the year is here. It’s time to celebrate your birthday, which means a lot to me. Love you, Papa.

6) I am lucky to have you as my dad. You are such an amazing man on earth. You are my biggest strength and inspiration. Happy birthday, dad!

7) Dad, you are great. You stay with me in my good and bad times. And you always make my bad times turn good with your love, care, and support. Happy birthday. Love you, daddy!

8) The best guidance I can ever get from anyone. You are my world, Daddy. You have given me an incredible future than a billion lights. Thank you is not just enough. Happy birthday, dad!

9) The smile on my face is only because of your dad. You had sacrificed a lot in your life just to see this smile on my face. You are incomparable. Happy birthday pops.

10) Every day and every second with you is extraordinary for me. Primarily, on your birthday, I get excited, which makes me fly in the air. It’s your day enjoy to the core. Happy birthday, dad.

11) There is no such gift that I can give to measure your love, which you had showered on me. Happy birthday!

New Birthday Wishes for Dad

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12) Dad, every year I wait for this day to celebrate your birthday like a festival and thank god for giving me such a fantastic person in my life. Happy Birthday, Daddy.

13) You are young at heart, so age is not a matter. I wish you to stay happy and healthy as you are now. Happy Birthday, Papa!

14) Daddy, you have always been very friendly and supportive. And you made me feel secure and safe till now. Spending my life with you is my wish. On this particular day, I wish to give you my promise that I will never let you down.

15) The very first and last best friend of mine is only you. You are the best mentor. You are an entirely flawless person. Love you, Papa. Happy birthday, Dada!

16) You had always treated me like a princess; no matter how old I am. Happy Birthday!

17) Happy birthday to the person who saved and secured me till now from the storms of life. Love you, Papa.

18) You have not only been a good father but also a fantastic friend. Happy birthday to the millennium.

Ever Best Birthday Wishes for Dad

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19) You taught me what is right and what is wrong. I am the person who does the right thing now is that only because of you. The merit goes to your dad — happy birthday to the beautiful teacher and time passer of my life.

20) Dad, you cannot be described with words, and you are my world. Your smile makes me durable. Happy birthday and stay delighted as always.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Dad

Dad is always the funniest person who only can change your mood swings. He is the one who comes up with stand-up comedies to make us laugh. It is the right time for you to send some funny messages to make him smile on his special day. Find out some of the below funny birthday wishes for your dad.

1) Dad’s your birthday long since you didn’t give me a treat. Today is the perfect chance for the yummy treat. Let us party together. Happy Birthday, Dad!

2) Happy birthday, papa! On your special day, I wish to gift you something precious and in return, get me a gift of my own choice.

3) Dad, you are growing old and see I am younger than you. So, you should treat me on this day for me, looking more youthful than you. Happy birthday, papa! Let’s rock the evening together.

4) Every year I am anxious about this special day of yours because I don’t know what gift to find.

5) On your special day, I would love to give you a fantastic surprise. A surprise birthday trip to the place you have always wondered about going. Unfortunately, the valuable tickets have been sold out. Anyways you have to enjoy the day here at our home. Happy Birthday, Papa!

6) Dad, at this age, I would wish you to get enough amount of air to blow out the candle lights. Happy Birthday Our Hero!

7) Your birthday comes once a year, but your fantastic dad skills of yours are 24/7. Happy Happy Birthday, my papa!

8) Dad, you are a little bit old now, but that doesn’t mean you should not act like a kid. Have fun and enjoy to the core happily. It’s your day.

9) Every year we light up candles for your birthday, and there is more wax than the cake. I am just kidding. Happy birthday my charming dad.

10) To my dearest dad, you can fix anything and everything. Beyond all this, you repair them instead of fixing them. Happy birthday to the funniest person in our life, and you always make us laugh. Love you, Papa.

11) Hey, Dad eats your birthday cake as much as possible now. Not because it’s your day, but in the future, you may not have real teeth to eat. Happy birthday, daddy!

12) No matter what, some people will never grow up, and you are one among them on the list. You can also ask Mom about this. I am just kidding. Happy Birthday, Dad!

13) My dear Papa, I went to get some amazing gifts for you on your birthday but since I didn’t have enough money I came back. It’s a gentle reminder for you to increase my pocket money from this very second. So, I can get something fantastic gift than this for your next birthday. Love you, dad.

14) Dad, I am your colossal treasure, so on your birthday, you should treat me well. And you will get a treasured gift which is waiting for you. None other than it’s me “The Treasure” Happy birthday Daddy!

15) Happy birthday, Daddy, you are the wisest person I ever know. Enjoy your day.

16) The beer bottles are ready, waiting for you on the table. But before you go, their check out with Mom. Let us have a party with a cake. Unfortunately, beer is not available in stock anywhere. Happy birthday, dad!

17) Let’s party hard with your birthday cake. Happy birthday, papa!

18) Dad, on your birthday, you might expect something special from me. I accept it. But kindly credit some amount to my account so I can purchase the best gift for you when I come home. Happy birthday pops.

19) Gifts are something which is an old trend to give. But since you are old, the rewards might not be too early to get. Happy birthday pops!

20) Oh, Dad, it’s your birthday come outlets party hard with lots of birthday cakes and fun. Never expect a hot party it’s just a cake party. I am just kidding. Happy birthday pops!

Birthday Wishes for Dad in Heaven

Losing your dad in your life is the most terrible pain which no one can endure. Being fatherless is a meaningless life. Wish your father and let him know that you still love him. Send these birthday wishes to Dad in heaven.

1) Every year when I bring and place these amazing flowers on your grave, I realize every moment of how beautiful you have made my life. I am missing you, Papa. Happy Birthday!

2) Death may have separated us. But it does not know how close we have become after that. Thank you so much for all your efforts to shape my life. Happy Birthday, Daddy!

3) Happy Birthday, Dad! You are not with us now. But I know that you will always be watching us and silently guiding us from heaven.

4) Dad, you know how stupid I am for not listening to your golden advice all these years. I want to hear your advice, but you are not with me now. Happy Birthday, Dad. You really mean a lot. I miss you!

5) Happy birthday, hero. May all the happiness flow on to you while you enjoy your birthday in heaven.

6) I am missing you, my dear daddy. I could not tolerate the pain of being fatherless. Happy birthday, Papa.

7) I could not accept the fact that you are no more. I can do anything in the world just to relive those memories with you, Dad. Happy Birthday!

8) Dad, I wish I could get a hug from you so that I will not let you go away from me. I am missing your dad. It hurts me very badly when I realize the truth that you are no more. Happy Birthday!

9) Thank you so much, Dad, for helping me to grow strong. I want to return all the favors, but you are not there with me now. Happy birthday, father. I miss you!

10) Happy Birthday, Father. You are special and very special throughout my life. Thank you for all the beautiful memories you had cherished with us. I genuinely miss you.

11) Here we are, Dad! We all have gathered here just to celebrate your special day, and it’s your birthday. I know very well that you are watching us.

12) I miss you to the core data. Now, there is no one here to play and fight with me. I am sure you are hearing me crying from heaven. Happy birthday, daddy.

13) Father, I still remember the day I lost you. I didn’t lose just my father but a friend who was always with me for my needs. Happy Birthday, Daddy.

14) I miss you, my papa! I know an angel is watching me from heaven. Happy birthday daddy

15) Hugging your gravestone and talking is just so hard. I have no words at all right now. And I Love You Dada please come back to me, Happy Birthday!

16) I cannot explain my feelings about how heartbroken I am. I cannot accept that you are not with me anymore. Best birthday, dad!

17) Dad, you are my hero then, now, and forever. Happy Birthday!

18) I wish I could bring you back into my life with me. Every time your thinking is making me shed tears from my eyes. I love you more than I miss your daddy. Best birthday wishes.

19) You have taught me to love nature. But I hate the kind now for taking you away from me. I love you pops.

20) Your memories are stored in every beat of my heart. There was never a day when I did not have your thoughts. Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Poems for Dad

Dad might be the first person who taught you the poem. And now you can be the first person to write him a beautiful happy birthday poem for Dad on his special day. It might surely make him feel special.


Your footsteps in my life are what I follow

My path is because of your guidance
You taught me to be bold
Now I am the brighter as you wish
My life is incredible because of your advice

Happy Birthday, Daddy!


I owe my life to you

You made me strong

Made me brave

When I fell, it was the only shoulder of yours where I wept

Showed me what is life and how to live

You let me be me as I wish to become

Without you I am nothing

Happy birthday to you Papa!



You showed me the world

made me smile

taught me how to live and lead my life

caused me to understand how fruitful life is

I learned how to handle this life only because of you

Your guidance is my gear to stop when I was wrong

And your advice made me be awake and aware all the time

Your boldness made to stay brave

Last but not the least your love made to forget everything and hug you tight

Love you loads, Papa. Happy birthday you are an amazing and stunning person in this world.


Happy Birthday Quotes in Heaven Dad

Remembering your dad’s birthday even after his demise is a beautiful thing that a son or a daughter can do. Nowadays, nobody even somewhat remembers their dad’s birthday. If you are someone who wants to get Dad’s wishes from heaven, you can use the below “happy birthday in heaven dad quotes.”

1) Dad, you are not with me, but you are always in my heart. Happy Birthday, Papa!

2) I keep thinking about you daily, even in your absence. This pain is killing me terribly. I am missing you, Daddy. Happy Birthday, Papa!

3) Being fatherless is a terrible pain, and I feel worthless, helpless, and powerless without you. Have a beautiful heaven’s birthday.

4) It profoundly hurts us to think that you are not with us. I am thrilled that we enjoyed every moment when you were here. Love you, Dada.

5) Oh, Dad, I am missing your hug very severely. You always used to console me by your embrace when I am down. Now I am alone here without you. I am still in your memories, Dad. Happy Birthday!

6) I am the strongest woman now it’s all because of you. Now I am not keen to face the fact that you are no more. Happy birthday my baby pops.

7) The day you left me is the day I lost a perfect father, a best friend, and the best companion. I am missing your dad. Happy Birthday!

8) Words can never carry neither feel my pain. I am totally broken down into pieces without you. I wish you a happy birthday in the mighty heaven.

9) Death might have separated us, but the real fact is that we are closer than before. Thank you, baby, for listening to me.

10) Daddy, I had not listened to all you these days and your advice. But the day you left me made me realize what life is. Now I am what you exactly wish me to be. Happy and best heaven birthday.


Happy Birthday Quotes for Dad

Are you someone who wishes to surprise your dad with some quotes on his birthday? Yes, you are at the right place, you can get the below birthday quotes for your dad.

1) Daddy, you are my best friend, my biggest strength. Nobody can replace you. Love you, dad. Happy birthday, Papa have a fantastic day.

2) This life of mine is the most significant foundation of principles. You have always guided me in the right path of honesty. God bless you, abundantly.

3) More than a father, you are my excellent friend with whom I can share all my secrets. Happy birthday, dad!

4) You smoothly handle all the demanding situations and also taught us to be brave and courageous. The word thank you is not just enough to express our gratitude. May God bless you with what all you deserve and be happy always! Happy birthday, Papa.

5) Dad, you are old now, but, in my heart, you are gold. Happy birthday and love you, my babe.

6) The older you are, the wiser you are now. You are my great inspiration. Enjoy your birthday to the core, and be happy as always.

7) You had never failed to help me out in chasing my dreams. I promise you that I will always remember all the life lessons which you had taught me. Happy birthday, dad!

8) Dad, you had always been a great person in our life. Enjoy happily, dad.

9) You are the biggest treasure that I have got, and no one can replace you, Dad. You are like the diamond that glitters forever. Happy birthday, papa!

10) May your heart be filled with happiness and the most unforgettable memories on this day, which is not only special for you, but it’s extraordinary for us too.


Birthday Wishes for Dad from Daughter

Daughters are the little princess for every dad, no matter what age. So, these birthday wishes for Dad from his daughter will make him feel great and unique on his day.

1) You’re the amazing man in the universe, and I love you so much, Papa. Happy birthday pops!

2) I am, and I will always be your little girl no matter the age. I will be by your side and will still hold you tight. Happy birthday, dad.

3) You spend most of your time with me, and many are jealous of it. But I am delighted and proud at this moment. Happy birthday, dad!

4) Never the word sad will be with the people around you; they will love their life. Thank you, Dad, for making us happy as always and even till now. Happy birthday to the beautiful person in our life. Love you, Papa.

5) Parenting is not that easy, and I thank god for giving me such an amazing father. Your efforts in bringing us up were not so easy; I knew that. Dad, we love you a lot and wish you to be happy throughout life. Happy birthday, dad!

6) I know you as my dad, but now I realize that you are more than that to me. You are a perfect friend of mine. I will always be your girl love you so much, Papa.

7) You made me feel safe and secure whenever I think about you — love from your little girl. Happy birthday, dad!

8) Our bond will grow stronger as we grow older. We are the best daughter and dad ever. Love you, Papa. Happy birthday my funny dad!

9) You had sacrificed many days only for me to make my future brighter. Happy birthday, dad!

10) Dad, I am happy that you brought me to this world. With you, the world is extraordinary for me. Let’s enjoy many more years together. Happy birthday, dad.


Birthday wishes from Son to Dad

No matter how many friends you have, Dad is the first best friend that you could ever have. If you are someone who Is looking to wish your dad some good quotes, you can use the below Happy Birthday wishes from son to dad to make him feel happy on his special occasion.

1) Happy birthday to you! I love you only you beyond all. May your day be blessed with joy, love, and affection!

2) The only reason behind my success is you because you are my true hero. I grew up seeing your hard work, which made me what I am today. Happy birthday, dad!

3) Happy birthday to my dad, my friend my love. You had never broken my heart. Happy returns of the day, Daddy!

4) Dad, you are my true hero and inspiration. Happy birthday handsome.

5) No matter how old I grow, I will always be your little child whom you carried on your shoulders. It is time for me to return that favor. Happy birthday, dad! Enjoy and have fun.

6) Thank you so much, Dad, for all the guidelines and encouragement. You taught me how to live a happy life. Happy birthday to the lovable person who is an example of true love.

7) The most caring father in the world and I love you so much, Papa. It is your day today. Happy returns of the day Dada!

8) I knew very well that I was the luckiest person in the world to have a dad like you. I am so blessed that I have someone who shows me nothing but love from the fullest of my heart. Happy birthday daddy

9) Dad, you mean a lot to me. I still remember the struggles you went through to fulfill my dreams. Happy birthday to the man who never expects anything but love.

10) Life is so more natural for me only because I have you as my father. You taught me how to live a life from all your experiences. Thank you, papa, my dear!


A Happy Birthday Letter To Dad

Letters are the best way to help you express your feelings on your dad. So, here is the beautiful Birthday letter to Dad.


Dear Dad,

I still remember the old days when I was a kid; the countless times you carried me on your shoulders to visit many places. All these days, you have never failed to show me the purity of love. No matter how severe your day is, you never fail to make me laugh. I always admire the way you care about every person. I ever wished and still wish the same to be like you. You are a kind person who never is harsh on anybody, even to Mom.

I learned how to handle things with a happy face only from you. You were the true one who cared and was more than a father to me. The words you taught me all these years have genuinely helped me to become who I am now. No one in the world is better than my father. There is nothing I can do to repay all the favors you did to me other than taking care of you now. I can do anything in this world just to see the happiness on your face: my superhero and a powerful inspiration. I would love to Thank you for everything.

Love you, Dad!

Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wishes to Father-in-Law

Father-in-law is none other than your second father. He also deserves your love and care for him, like your dad. Here are some birthday wishes to my father-in-law.

1) Thanks for being a fantastic father-in-law. God is blessing you with good health, love, and fortune. Happy Birthday, father-in-law!

2) I was the only one daddy’s little princess before I got married. However, nothing has changed since then because I am still my father-in-law’s princess. You showed the same care and affection as my father used to show me. Thank you. Happy Birthday!

3) I have no worries in my life. Since I got married to one of the most beautiful people in the world like you. Happy birthday, papa!

4) I am so blessed to have a father-in-law like you because you treat me as my father and show the same affection.

5) Thank you for giving me your daughter as my wife. Because she is my world and takes care of me very well, now I know from where she learned that good quality. Happiest Birthday!

6) I have always told my husband to be like you when he became old. You are, indeed, an inspiration. Thank you, and Happy Birthday!

7) Happy birthday to the great person who has shown me nothing but love and affection. Best wishes to my daddy-in-law.

8) Happy birthday pops! You have been my second dad since I joined here along with your family. You have taught me so many things in my life and encouraged me a lot. Best wishes, my dear father-in-law.

9) You always make me feel that I am your top priority. Today, take time to prioritize yourself because it is your big today. Best birthday wishes to you.

10) You are my father-in-law and a good friend and also a perfect mentor. Happy birthday to you! May God bless you with love, care, and affection because you are the only one who deserves it.



Words are not just enough to describe your feelings when you think of wishing your loved ones. But if you can write some melting wishes and poems will really make them cherished and fall in love with you. Share these heart-melting birthday wishes on your dad’s birthday and earn your father’s love endlessly.


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